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Change in the law of nature, ever y thing of the universe must change, Similarly a change came in the era of NIRMAL PUBLIC SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL with the new coming session, The emphasis is an conceptual classification through experimental learning the classroom has become a part of curriculum. The scheme continuous and comprehensive evaluation launched by CBSE Board is perfectly followed by us. Each term is assessed on the basis of Formative and Summative Assessments. Formative assessment is the tool used by the teachers to continuously monitor students progress in non threatening and supportive environment to provide diagnostic remedies and effective feedback to students we have started activities from class LKG to X . These activities are not restricted up to paper pencil test. There are other means of testing such as through quizzes, conversations, debates, oral testing, visual testing, projects, practical, assignments and ASL. In subjects like English and Hindi listing and speaking skills are formulated through debates on various articles. The Co-scholastic areas like life skills attitudes and values, participation and achievement In activities involving literacy creative skills, scientific skills, sports skills are also evaluated. This new pattern has really brought a change in student’s attitude towards scholastic activities,, hence education is not preparation for life but education is life itself.

From Manager Desk

“Education is an all rounder drawing out of the best in the child and man body, mind and spirit”. Mahatma Gandhi highlights the importance of such education which can develop all round personality of the child. To get success in this regards NIRMAL PUBLIC SCHOOL is playing major role. Here is no doubt that we have this goal and we are concerned not only to teach our students but also to give value based education. At one hand we lay emphasis on their character formation on the other hand discipline maintain and runs extracurricular activity for all round growth of the students. Students are inspired and encouraged by the teachers to take a part in game, sports with full devotion and dedication The students of our school always lick in the shape and the teachers of our NIRMAL PUBLIC SCHOOL enlighten the candles of understanding our students mind and hearts, also teachers are determined for the light not is put out. We try to enable our students to understand secret of success We have been climbing the stairs of success and progress on session by session to make the bright future of students and this is possible due to tireless efforts of our staff and students in a target way.

Management Body of the School

Mr. Manish Kumar (Manager)   Mrs. Babli Chauhan(President)
“Good Education make us good citizen make great India and develop India” The standard of an institution may well he reckoned by a perusal of its way of teaching and discipline and activities. It form the character expand intellectual strength by which they can lead their social life with normal way, less contact with chilling and come out of their little shells. If education is manufactured only a robot and called him an economic man for getting the substantives man then this type of education is failed in this century. Therefore the educational system must be certain those information and activities which gives the new taste in every bite, happiness and achievements. We have long way for radical transition from stagnation to life.
P.M. Chauhan(Principal)   We can co-operate building a child’s esteem by trusting and helping him full needed heard and cared for him. Our teachers go on lecturing the students that the future of India rests on their shoulders and exhorts them to follow ethics and morality. Teachers are second parents who act as a motivation force. The child in his interaction with supportive adults needs to experience himself as a capable and responsible individual, I feel that by projecting the Childs personality beyond the classroom and by taking keen and lively interest in extracurricular activities can leas a wider and fuller and desire satisfaction. Thanks “I LOVE MY INDIA”  

Salient Futures

  * Academic Excellent Future.
* Computer Lab and Net Facility.
* Biology,Chemistry,Physics,Maths and Composite Lab.
* Sports Activity and Cultural Program.
* School Building is covered by CCTV cameras.
* Smart Classes for students and good atmosphere.
* Presentation for excellent students.
* Fans,Genset , Electricity & pure water facility.
* P.T.M. after each Academic Examinations.
* Teaching staff is fully Trained & Experienced.
* The School organized workshop for students and teaching staff .
* Teaching as per 21st Century style, promotes Active learning.

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